St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Joyous in Spirit. Anchored in Faith. Lifted by Love.

Read the announcement and bio of our new rector,

​the Rev. William Hunt Priest.

The Rev. William Hunt Priest, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Doris Buchanan Johnson, Interim Associate
The Rev. Paschal Mingledorff, Priest Associate

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St. Peter's Family

Season After Pentecost

                                                                                      You are welcome here.​​​​​​

For twenty-five years, St. Peter’s Church has provided a safe haven of blessing and peace for hundreds of faithful seekers. St. Peter’s welcomes all who seek God or a deeper knowledge of God. We welcome all who are drawn to the warmth and friendliness of this congregation or to the elegant simplicity of our beautiful worship space.

St. Peter’s seeks to be a place of life-giving joy, service and healing in a fragile world. We welcome all who seek to do the work of love.

We cherish . . .
​ancient ritual, yet enjoy fresh viewpoints and the energy and vitality of our youngest members. We honor tradition and rely on familiar scripture for comfort while seeking the inspiration of new ideas. We are called to build on our past – the memories, the challenges and the accomplishments – and turn to the future.  We nourish our congregation and have studied in groups large and small, in classrooms and while climbing the mountains of northern Spain. We have studied ancient texts and the latest novels.

We enjoy . . .
a rich tradition of music, praising God with choral music and an array of special performances. Children’s voices fill our halls after the launch this year of St. Peter's Music Academy, which provides professional training for young musicians throughout Savannah.

We rejoice . . .
in opportunities to share God’s grace. We cross the bridge literally from our island to support local organizations and volunteer as caregivers, counselors, leaders and listeners. We have reached far beyond Savannah to help people in the Dominican Republic see better with a vision clinic we’ve operated for

three years.

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your journey with God: 
You . . .  are invited and welcome at the Lord’s Table.
The words of welcome may vary at our Sunday services each week, but the invitation remains the same. Our two Sunday services, at 8 and 10 am are the centerpiece of parish life. And the invitation reflects our fundamental belief; we are a parish grounded in the Episcopal tradition and open to new ideas.

3 West Ridge Rd. | Savannah, GA 31411

SERVICES: Sunday 8:00 am and 10:00 am
Sunday School 9 - 9:45 am