St. Peter's Episcopal Church

For those conducting liturgical research, or readers simply interested in our collection, ST PETER'S LIBRARY ONLINE CATALOG  grants direct access to our card catalog of books, CDs, and DVDs by spiritual writers and theologians. The collection includes work on:

St. Peter's Parish Library


St. Peter’s was given an endowment to purchase books for a parish library by the Creasman family.

Mary Delegal established the library system and maintained it for many years, until her death in 2014. She received donations and acquired books, many of them new, others from tag sales. Selfless volunteers have given uncountable hours putting the books together and on the shelves.

  • Theological History
  • Doctrinal Study
  • Contemplative Reading
  • Fiction
  • Art
  • Music
  • History of the Church
  • Children’s Books
  • Young Adult Books
  • Reference Books

Please feel free to visit, browse, or borrow from our collection. Joan Loos, current volunteer librarian, welcomes suggestions from parishioners so that she can continue to add wonderful books to our Parish Library, making it even more relevant for readers today! Questions or requests?
 Contact Joan Loos at