St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Comprehensive Music Program for Children

Our comprehensive, graded program for children begins with weekly classes for toddlers who not only sing but participate in a wide variety of musical activities -- listening, moving to music and playing rhythm instruments. At age 6, children enter the Royal School of Church Music(RSCM) Voice for Life program and continue this program into the teenage years. This curriculum offers tuition-free music lessons whereby participants learn to read music, develop valuable vocal skills, and experience the benefits of real teamwork where everyone is in the game. Research shows that taking part in music classes builds concentration skills and brain power through processing complex information. 

Recently, college-bound teens have found that membership in an RSCM-affiliated choir catches the eyes of recruiters.

Our children take part in Sunday morning worship, special services during Christmas and Easter, and present a musical play each year.

Music Instructors

Kathy Heck, Susan McCain, Mary McKee, and Tim McKee instruct the students, Aubrey Brawner chairs the Music Academy Committee, and many volunteers help each week.

Rehearsal Days & Times
Wednesday Rehearsals:   4-6 pm

More Info
If you would like to know more about St. Peter's Music Academy, please contact Aubrey Brawner at 
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