St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Christian Formation

Sunday School
Sunday School at 9 am explores the riches of our faith through a variety of dynamic programs and books. We offer Godly Play/Children's Chapel for 4 years through 3rd grade students (begins at 9:45; children rejoin their parents at 10:30, during The Peace), a newly formed class for 4th and 5th graders, Rite 13 for those in 6th and 7th grades, and Young Adult Classes for high school students.
Parish Nursery  for infants and toddlers, 8:45 - 11:45 am

St. Peter's Youth (SPY)  meets most Sunday evenings, 6-8 pm for fun, food, fellowship, and frequent field trips! 
For more information on any of the above programs, contact Matt Rice at Visit Staff page to read about Associate for Youth and Children's Ministry, Matthew Rice.

Adult Education
Sundays at 9 am: Join us in the conference room for "What's Up with God?" This is it! Your opportunity to talk about God as if God was present in all things. No preparation needed, just show up. Depending on the week you and the world have just experienced, we will seek out God in our daily lives, in the sermon, in the news, or a topic of your interest. Grab a cup of coffee and join us in the Conference Room.  Questions, ideas, hopes: call or email Doris+ at 912.598.7242, Ext 203 Visit Staff page to read about Interim Associate Rector, Doris Johnson.

Sundays at 9 am: Sunday School for Parents; meet in the Conference Room.

 Logos This book group meets once a month in St. Peter's Parlor for discussion as they seek the Christian themes inherent in each work; they meet a second time each month, often in someone’s home, for fellowship. The group meets on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Monday of each month. The current book being discussed is Listening for God, Vol 2: Contemporary Literature and the Life of Faith ​by Paula J. Carlson.  
Email Jay Howington at 
juhowington@neurosav.comor call Cindy Howell at 598.1785 for more information. 

Adult Forum Series - Join us at 11:30 am in the Parlor for profound discussions led by clergy, parishioners, or special guests.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study in the Parish Hall
Having studied how the gospel stories were gathered and remembered, over the summer we looked at each community the gospel writers and Paul spoke of . . . those communities' geographic location, their constituents, their experiences as founding Christians. We begin on Wednesday, September 20 to read and discuss short studies of the Four Gospels. All are welcome into the conversations that unfold.The two books to be read in succession: Ray Brown's The Churches the Apostles Left Behind, and The Community of the Beloved Disciple. A "fun read":  The Shadow of the Galilean by Gerd Thiessen.  From a Biblical scholar and historian, an inventive recreation of Jesus' ministry footnoted with scriptural references and writings of the historians of the time immediately following that period. 

St. Peter's Bible Challenge - Have you often wished you knew more about scripture, both its themes and its specifics? Here is your chance!  Using Brian McLaren's informative yet easy-to-read book, We Make the Road by Walking, St. Peter's Adult Formation challenges you to read it, one chapter per week over the next year. Beginning in June, pick a day of the week to read in a quiet designated place in your home. Each chapter begins with several scriptures, often connecting Old Testament with Gospel and Epistles of the New Testament, so have your Bible ready. 

Look at the Old Testament as "voices from the past...each offering diverging views of the history of the One God."
Treat the Gospels as Marcus Borg said, as "eulogies of Jesus' life," sharing the wonders of his teachings and hallmarks of his life. The epistles, or letters, that follow from the next generation of believers are one-way conversations from the various communities with which Paul, Peter, John, etc., spent time. 

Quarterly, beginning in the fall, we will take time to see where folks are, what clarifications you might want, and what insights you have gained. 

Sign up for Bible Challenge gatherings, here.

​Music Education
The Music Academy, a Children's Music Program for children ages 4 and up follows the Royal School of Church Music comprehensive curriculum, “A Voice for Life,” that provides a framework for developing musical skills. Children in different age groups meet each Wednesday afternoon to learn musical skills and record their achievements on progress cards, as they work toward earning ribbon awards. They grow in self-confidence, personal expression, and even teamwork as they develop a lifelong appreciation for music.

​Tim McKee, Mary McKee, Susan McCain, and Kathy Heck instruct the students, Aubrey Brawner chairs the Music Academy Committee, and many volunteers help each week.

Email Tim McKee, Music Director, at for more information. Visit Staff page to read about Music Director, Tim McKee.